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The aim of IDEAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, AGWANPUR is to make one relies that nothing is impossible to the willing heart. Our main purpose of providing education in top replace an empty mind with an open one. Success Is a journey, not a destination. So, we teachers, the custodians of the next generation, have a very important role to play for framing the future. Our main motto is to make one understand that learning is the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

A School should be a place of Light, of Liberty and of Learning

“Every Education institution must aim to create an individual with a complete personality. As caretaker of its inmates, it must recognize that they need careful handling especially during adolescence." The school aims at sustaining an environment whereby students can excel in scholastic activities, demonstrate superior learning and develop intellectual capacities and skills that prepare them for service to the society. We provide students with rich and deep learning experiences to make the young learners value the wonders of this world and never to stop thirsting for more, at the same time appreciating, accepting and imbibing the newer and the better as they go ahead with their lives. The school makes all possible efforts to provide its students with numerous avenues of advancement, at the same time, training them to learn, unlearn and relearn so that they are never behind their times, are always open to new knowledge and inherit a love of ideas.


A School should be a place of Light, of Liberty and of Learning

Ideal Public School, Anangpur, aspires to be one such school and is making constant and unrelenting efforts to forge close ties with the community it functions in/for. We aim at a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship based on trust and cooperation among teachers, principal, parents and community residents. When parents and community members are engaged in the life of the school, the resources available for teaching and the learning environment expand. This, in turn, provides a holistic environment in which children are raised. This, we believe, will go a long way in improving the school and the students’ performance. Ideal Public School, Anangpur aims at equipping its students to meet the challenges of life with a humane and sensitive approach. Forming healthy relationships, social and emotional resilience and having a sense of awe at the beauty around us are the things that we aim to imbibe in our students. Besides academic excellence and intellectual development, the Schools endeavours to help each child discover and develop their innate talents and abilities. It seeks to instil in the children proper habits and positive attitudes and values such as truthfulness, unselfishness, self-respect, self-control, sense of duty, discipline, striving for excellence, cleanliness, civic sense, good manners, fair play, team-spirit, dignity of labour, punctuality, independent thinking, a rational and scientific approach and a spirit of social service and harmony.

Our History

The Badami Education Society, the apex body of Ideal Public Schools and other institutions of higher education, was set up in the year 1999 during the pre-independence era when the elders thought that Indian culture, heritage, tradition and ethos must be preserved and fostered. In order to achieve these objectives, it became obligatory for the Society to educate the young people. Thus, the Society was registered under the Registration of Societies Act, 1860. Today the affairs of the Society are managed by the Board of Management consisting of eminent social workers. It is headed by Sh. Phool Chand, an eminent educationist and a social worker, as the President of the Society. The society at present runs an institutions which include 1 school, 0 Project schools. Ideal Public Schools are comprehensive, co-educational English medium schools. Hindi enjoys its place of pride as the National Language in the school curriculum. The schools built by the society are set in congenial surroundings. They are housed in modern attractive buildings equipped with all requisite facilities, well stocked libraries, laboratories, computers, audio visual equipment, facilities for creative arts, indoor and outdoor games and swimming pools. Ideal’s educational philosophy is inspired by the maxim ‘Veena Vadini Vardhey as our motto, means the holder of knowledge give us nectar of enlightment & knowledge as a boon’ So Ipeans believe on the policy of “Man should believe in action not in reward for action”. It provides comprehensive education keeping in view the country’s rich heritage and cultural background and opens opportunities for the development of the different facets of the child’s personality. Conscious effort is made to foster and love for the country and pride in its great heritage and tradition of tolerance epitomised in the noble phrase ‘Vasudev Kutumbhakam’ - The whole world is one family. The School Managing Committee is headed by Mr. Rakesh Bhadana with Mrs. Rashmi Bharti as the Principal. The Managing Committee comprises eminent persons, including former, Educationists and other prominent residents of Faridabad.


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